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Timeline of Terrell Owens' Antics2014-May-6

Timeline of Terrell Owens' Antics

Wide receiver Terrell Owens has made his mark in the NFL as one of history's greatest receivers, but his impact on the league hasn't always been on a positive note. About Football has put together this timeline featuring some of Owens' more infamous antics during his NFL career.

2000 During an October contest in Dallas, Owens celebrated scoring a touchdown by running to midfield of Texas Stadium and posing on the star logo of the Cowboys. He later repeated his actions following another TD and was blindsided by the Cowboys' George Teague.

2001 After blowing a 19 point lead in Chicago and losing in overtime, the disgruntled receiver accused head coach Steve Mariucci of protecting good friend Dick Jauron, head coach of the Bears

2002 In an October contest on Monday Night Football in Seattle, Owens pulled a 'Sharpie' marker out of his sock after catching a TD pass. He then proceeded to autograph the ball and hand it to his financial adviser sitting in an end zone luxury suite rented by Shawn Springs, the CB he had just beaten on the play.

2002 After scoring a touchdown in a December contest with the Green Bay Packers, Owens celebrated with a pair of Pom Poms borrowed from a 49ers cheerleader.

2003 Following a bumpy season that included several sideline tirades by Owens, he and the team decided to part ways.

2004 Owens agent failed to meet a free agency deadline in March, making him ineligible to become a free agent. Because they retained his rights, the 49ers then traded him to the Baltimore Ravens, but Owens refused to report to his new team. He expressed his desire to play in Philadelphia, and filed a grievance, claiming he should be granted free agency. After a series of negotiations, a deal was worked out between the three teams which sent Owens to Philadelphia where he signed a seven year, $49 million deal against the advice of the players union.

2004 In an interview with Playboy magazine, Owens hinted that ex teammate Jeff Garcia was gay, a claim he later recanted.

2004 In a November contest with the Baltimore Ravens, after scoring a touchdown, Owens openly mocked Ray Lewis by performing the middle linebacker trademark celebration dance.

2004 In a Monday Night contest later that month, Owens appeared in a controversial skit to kick off the network presentation http://www.dodgersofficialauthentic.com/Authentic-Hyunjin-Ryu-Jersey of the game which resulted in an FCC investigation.

2005 Owens hired agent Drew Rosenhaus in April and announced he was not happy with his contract. He also tells CNBC that, despite making $7.5 million in 2004, he needs a new contract to his family. After hinting that he might hold out of training camp, Owens shows up with a bad attitude, refusing to acknowledge the media or speak to his teammates. After a confrontation with head coach Andy Reid, he was suspended for one week.

2005 During an interview with ESPN's Graham Bensinger on November 3, Owens took shots at the Eagles franchise for not publicly recognizing his 100th touchdown catch. During the interview he stated the Eagles showed a "lack of class". He also suggested the Eagles would be better off with Packers QB Brett Favre instead of Donovan McNabb.

2005 On November 4, Owens issued a half hearted apology through the http://www.dodgersofficialauthentic.com/Authentic-Matt-Kemp-Jersey media, but failed to deliver comments regarding Donovan McNabb, which head coach Andy Reid insisted he include.

2005 Owens was suspended November 5 by the Eagles for the club's contest against the Washington Redskins on November 6.

2005 On November 7, Owens' suspension was www.dodgersofficialauthentic.com/Authentic-Yasiel-Puig-Jersey stretched to four games, and head coach Andy Reid added that Owens would not play for the remainder of the season.

2006 On March 14, the Eagles cut Owens just one day before he was due a $5 million roster bonus.

2006 On July 5, Owens released a tell all book revealing his side of the story associated with his time in Philadelphia.

2006 On July 13, Owens claimed he was misquoted in his autobiography.

2006 On August 3, Owens missed the first of 14 consecutive days of practice because of a hamstring problem despite an MRI two days later revealing no major problems. After returning to practice for several days, Owens claimed he Matt Kemp Jersey re aggravated the injury because his coaches pushed him back to the playing field too soon. This time he didn't return to practice until August 29.

2006 On August 10, while still out with an injured hamstring, Owens drew attention to himself by wearing the silver and blue uniform of Lance Armstrong's Discovery Channel pro cycling team while riding a stationary bicycle on the sidelines.

2006 On September 26, Owens was taken by ambulance to Baylor University Medical Center for what was thought to be a suicide attempt. The following day, Owens denied trying to kill himself, claiming a mixture of pain pills and supplements caused him to be "out of it" when talking to emergency respondents

2006 On October 11, Owens had a run in with receivers coach Todd Haley. After being chastised for showing up late for practice (he later explained he was in the bathroom), Owens and Haley tangled during a meeting later in the day.

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time to remember what Vick actually did to dogs2014-May-6

time to remember what Vick actually did to dogs

Times reports that Michael Vick has been released from prison, the rest of his sentence to be served officialbaseballcardinals.com/Authentic-Matt-Holliday-Jersey at his 3,538 square foot home in Hampton, Va., with the expectation that he will be officially released from Federal custody on July 20th.

There has been widespread speculation as to whether Vick will return to his lucrative football career, and which teams would be willing to take the PR hit involved in hiring him. Although NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell characterized Vick's actions as "not only illegal, but also cruel and reprehensible, he has declined to make a decision on whether Vick could be reinstated as an NFL player until his sentence is officially over.

Some commentators have argued that Vick should be allowed to play because he a mistake and has now his debt. Perhaps these people are under the mistaken impression that all Michael Vick did was fight Yadier Molina Jersey some Pit Bulls. But dog fighting, as cruel a crime as it is, is the least of what Michael Vick did.

Purnell Peace conspired with Vick, Phillips and Tony Taylor to kill dogs

According to the prosecutor's statement of facts in the case, between 2002 and 2007 Michael Vick and his co conspirators Purnell Peace, Quanis Phillips and Tony Taylor killed thirteen dogs by various methods including wetting one dog down and electrocuting her, hanging, drowning and shooting others and, in at least one case, by slamming a dog body to the ground.

Michael Vick didn't make a mistake. He didn't "make a bad choice." Over a period of five years he forced dogs into deadly fights, and he personally killed, or conspired to kill, thirteen dogs. He didn't pick a quick, painless method of killing, but instead chose a variety of means that qualify as torture. Pit Bulls are powerful dogs. Imagine how hard you would have to work to kill a Pit Bull by forcibly drowning him.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution also reports, "Sometimes [the dogs] were starved to make them more vicious in the pit."

And Michael Vick didn confine the abuse and killing to his own Pit Bulls.

The report, dated Aug. 28, 2008, says, "Vick, Peace and Phillips thought it was funny to watch the pit bull dogs belonging to [Vick Bad Newz Kennels injure or kill the other dogs."

Supporters say Vick apologized for his actions. But in his famous press conference apology, Vick admitted only to fighting dogs, despite the fact that he pled guilty to all charges, including the killings. He admitted to mistakes and acts. But deliberately and repeatedly planning dog fights and repeated premeditated violent killings of dogs are not They are not the acts of someone who merely immature. They are the acts of a sociopath and a predator.

If we can't admit that the crimes to which Michael Vick pled guilty make one a bad person, then we have no definition of morality anymore.

Vick supporters who want to see him play football again should, if they being honest, say don care what Vick did to dogs, we just want to watch him play football. But please don say he apologized, nor that he paid his debt. You can pay a debt you never admitted you owe. They comfort the sick, children and the elderly. These dogs, who were never criminals, who never chose to hurt or kill others, are truly rehabilitated.

A man who can look a dog in the face and deliberately pick the most brutal and prolonged way of killing that dog, for nothing more than being insufficiently vicious I think most people could reasonably wonder if such a man could ever genuinely be Authentic Yadier Molina Jersey rehabilitated.

Wowo today was the first time i knew so much detail about what happened. I am just not sure anymore. I mean how can you just kill a dog that way or anyway. Fighting is one thing. i dont think it is right at all but torture. WOW. yeah thats just some sick shit!!!

at the end of the day though we all deserve a second chance. People do all sorts of Matt Holliday Jersey crazy stuff all the time and society lets them out of prison and gives them another chance now if he mess up agin, then he should def be in jail for a long time.

Vick has served his time we all make mistakes in life regardless of what the situation. At the end of the day they are just dogs he did not commit a crime against a human. There are many current NFL players that are still in the league for murder example "Dante Stallworth" and Ray Lewis was involved in a murder case we need to forgive and forget what Mick Vick has done. I agree that what Vick did was wrong but he spent 2 years in prison. we live a country where we kill chicken for food just because dogs are looked at has human we judge vick diffrently leave this man alone!!!

Sorry guys, what he did isn't a mistake. A mistake is when you accidentally call someone with the wrong number, mess up on a spreadsheet or mistakenly accuse someone of something they didn't do. Those are mistakes. . What Michael Vick did was conscious, on purpose and a behavioral induced act by a very sick mind. What he did is one of the cruelest most culpable acts ever linked with a celebrity. He was the ring leader for a enterprise (criminal) countless helpless dogs died at his hands by electrocution, hangings, beatings, drowning and shootings and all this in the name of money. What you have here is a psychopath and also. cruelty to animals is NOT something you do. we, as a society, have determined that once a person has paid their debt to society for a crime, they are now free once again to pursue their lives as free persons. In America we simply do not lock up people for the entirety of their lives for anything less than the most heinous of crimes. I don't condone at all what Vick did, but even if he never admitted he was sorry he spent more time in jail that some people have spent for killing another human being, and lost more money based on his conviction than most people will make in their entire lives. I don't care if I never see him play football again, but it's simply wrong to say this man has not fulfilled the debt to society that the courts imposed on him (and then some) and should now be allowed to pursue whatever livelihood he desires. You're more than welcome to boycott the NFL if you wish, but to continue to expect someone to be punished forever is crazy

Wow, I didn't realize he tortured and killed 13 animals (including family pets). I'm all about giving someone a second, but he MURDERED these animals. It's not like he was simply breeding them to fight because he's a competitive guy and would let them retire if they got hurt or get the help. No, he fking killed them! Now, I'm not a huge animal lover, but if he'd murdered 13 people he'd be in jail for life. Again, I'm all about a second chance, but playing NFL is a privilage and in my mind he threw it away when he did this. In my opinion, he can have his second chance working like most Americans in jobs that pay under 100k/year not pro football.

Michael Vick needs to be rehabilitated just like those Dogs got rehabilitated. We are talking about a guy who grew up in a culture of pride, greed, and violence. If Michael Vick can speak out against the thug lifestyle and reach just a few people in the process then it will be worth letting the man play football. I keep reading the opinions of people that don't have a clue about what it's like to grow up around bad people and the kind of influences they can have on your psyche. I am not excusing his actions, I just feel bad for the animals and the man too. The life of Michael Vick hopefully will end in a positive light. It's just sad that most people can only see the past and not the future.

There are many differences between Vick and his dogs. They had no choice; Vick was a millionaire who had more choices than most people. The dogs didn INTEND to cause suffering. Vick absolutely intended to cause suffering, in fact he enjoyed it.

And no matter where a person grows up, either you a person who gets off on the pain and death of others or you aren't. To attribute Vick sadism to his neighborhood is an insult to everybody who came out of Newport News, who didn't have the moneymaking talent he had, and who still managed never to kill a dog. You can have a wealthy upbringing and be a monster; conversely you can grow up poor in a tough neighborhood and be a decent, humane person.

And no amount of rehabilitation can make someone who enjoys suffering into someone who doesn't. All you can do is not reward the behavior. Roger Goodell and now the Eagles have chosen to reward sadistic behavior with 1.6 million dollars. THAT the lesson kids are learning today.

What most don't realize is that Vick's co conspirators did the dirty work. They accepted plea bargains to gang up on the bigger target. I'm a dog lover too, but I'm not going to swallow the Koolaid of liberal media to make me think that Vick is a murdering sociopath with an unquenchable blood lust. Use some common sense here folks. If you went to jail for a crime wouldn't you expect to be able to get a job after you paid your debt to society? Anyway, I applaud the Eagles for having the courage to put Vick on their roster.

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There's a backlog of old video that must 2014-May-6

Time Is More Than Just Money For The Denver Broncos

For the Denver Broncos, time is the scarcest resource of all.

When the Broncos host the Baltimore Ravens on opening day for the NFL September 5, 2013 future Hall Of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning will step up to the line of scrimmage. Manning will scan the field, analyzing the defensive formation, identifying threats, looking for weaknesses, and sorting through the noise.

Manning will use his knowledge to execute a plan including data he received in the prior weeks from watching video of both the Ravens and his own team. He'll aim to exploit gaps and holes in the Ravens' defense, while simultaneously exploiting the Broncos' strengths.

And all in real time, on a live stage, with success and failure recognized immediately upon execution.

As With The Players, So With IT

Before Manning ever runs out onto the field at Mile High Stadium, the Broncos' dedicated IT staff will have collected, stored, assimilated, managed, protected and delivered terabytes of data to Manning, his teammates, the coaching staff, and fans.

This IT performance is also in real time, with success and failure being recognized immediately. In the modern era of the NFL, no team can survive without peak performance from its IT department.

NFL teams are mid size businesses with enterprise level IT needs. The Broncos' IT staff manages hundreds of terabytes of data, with more flooding in each week.

Gone are the days when your previous games and those of your opponents were shipped in as film.

Today, videos of games are delivered to the Broncos digitally, with multiple camera angles and shots. All this data must be cataloged, stored, and delivered to players and coaches immediately, so that preparation for the next week can begin.

Gone are the days of arriving at the practice facility early or staying late in order to use the film room.

Today, the IT Department issues an Apple iPad to each player and coach. Video of the Broncos' game and practice, as well as their next opponent's game, are available to every player and coach instantly via a secure connection. Manning can now watch 24 hours a day: from the practice facility, the stadium, or his own home.

Gone are the days when the photocopier was the most used piece of equipment in the building. The playbook is no longer delivered as a massive tome that must to be recopied each time there's a tweak.

Today, all the Broncos' players and coaches receive the playbook on their iPads; changes can be made instantly. The coaches know that each player always has instant access to the most recent version.

Speed Is Critical

The pace of Shin-Soo Choo Jersey the NFL schedule is brutal.

When the game ends, there's less than a week to prepare for the next opponent. Hours of video must be stored, organized and delivered, in time for the team and coaches to prepare for the next game.

A delay of even a day could be disastrous. Downtime is not acceptable. Data loss would be a tragedy.

The Broncos' scarcest resource is time. Everything they do is designed around that constraint.

On home game days eight times in a regular season the Broncos' organization must Authentic Shin-Soo Choo Jersey also simultaneously prepare for a live performance with 76,000 in attendance and millions watching.

During the game, use of live video by the players and coaches is forbidden by the NFL rules. The IT staff nonetheless has a role to play, and one that is again buffeted by time constraints.

Video, still photography, statistics, and other information must be provided in real time both to the in stadium scoreboard and to fans via the Broncos' mobile app. With the fast pace of an NFL game, delays are not acceptable.

Replays and stats must be delivered as quickly as Manning scans a defense, and IT can't call "time out" if there's a problem.

No Rest For The Rest Of The Year

Even in the offseason, the IT Department is busy.

There's a backlog of old video that must be digitized, captured, and made available to Women's Yu Darvish Jersey players, coaches, fans and the media.

There are trades to be negotiated, which often call for fast and efficient delivery of video and other data: The coaches and front office need to quickly evaluate and respond to a trade www.officialbaseballrangers.com/Authentic-Yu-Darvish-Jersey before it slips away.

The draft process is a season unto itself, with dozens of prospects to sift through, along with video of their college games, workouts and, other information. On draft day, with only minutes to make a decision, the team can't afford an IT failure.

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tica nonsense Women's Matt Holliday Jersey da 7Arte2014-May-6

tica nonsense Women's Matt Holliday Jersey da 7Arte

No teve jeito. Depois que a Sandra Bullock ganhou o Globo de Ouro de Melhor Atriz Drama, fui obrigada a assistir a The Blind Side. Tipo um tira teima, sabem? Queria saber se ela realmente merecia ganhar o prmio. E a resposta um categrico no. Sandra Bullock est muito bem neste filme com roteiro e direo de John Lee Hancock, mas ela no chega nem perto do trabalho das atrizes Carey Mulligan e Gabourey Sidibe. Duvido muito, pela qualidade tcnica das atrizes, que ela supere Helen Mirren ainda no assisti The Last Station para afirmar com certeza, mas posso supor. Enfim, o prmio de Sandra Bullock foi, definitivamente, apenas mais uma das injustias do Globo de Ouro. Quanto ao filme, The Blind Side conta uma histria interessante, bacana, mas ele me Authentic Matt Holliday Jersey pareceu um tanto maniquesta e simplrio. Sabe aquele filme que voc termina de assistir e pensa se uma produo da Disney, destas onde tudo sempre d certo? Pois Ainda assim, d para entender perfeitamente porque ele caiu tanto no gosto do pblico dos Estados Unidos.

A HISTRIA: Cenas de TV mostram jogadores de futebol americano e, de fundo, a voz de Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock). Ela fala sobre a que acontece em um campo quando os de dois times se enfrentam. Passo a passo, ela destaca os movimentos de um jogo que tornaram Lawrence Taylor famoso. Explorando o cego do quarterback do time adversrio, Taylor afastou o Joe Theismann do futebol americano e mudou, segundo Leigh Anne, a histria do esporte. E da vida dela. Em seguida, aparece em cena o grandalho Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), mais conhecido como Big Mike. Ele levado, junto com Steve (Paul Amadi), para a escola catlica Wingate. O pai de Steve, Big Tony (Omar J. Dorsey) procura cumprir a promessa que fez para a me de tirar o garoto de uma escola pblica e coloc lo em uma catlica. Ele fala com o tcnico de esportes da escola, Sr. Cotton (Ray McKinnon), que v em Big Mike um grande potencial. Cotton luta para que o jovem grandalho entre para a escola. Estudando ali a vida de Big Mike comea a mudar especialmente quando ele se aproxima da famlia Tuohy.

VOLTANDO CRTICA (SPOILER aviso que boa parte do texto seguir conta momentos importantes do filme, por isso recomendo que s continue a ler quem j assistiu a The Blind Side): Os estadunidenses tem orgulho de seus nacionais. Alm da bandeira e do hino, que caracterizam todos os pases e em alguns lugares mais ou menos usado , o povo dos Estados Unidos adora o futebol americano (e outros esportes seu lema de cristos e sua forma poltica de enxergar o mundo pelos olhos republicanos ou democratas. Para cair como uma luva no gosto do pblico norte americano nada melhor que The Blind Side. Um filme que enaltece a crist a ascenso social atravs do esporte e que trata os problemas sociais com um vu de delicadeza mascarando, em outras palavras, a realidade.

Para completar o cenrio de perfeito para os estadunidenses ele estrelado por Sandra Bullock uma eterna da Amrica Com tudo isso, no quero dizer que The Blind Side seja um filme ruim. No. Ele tem algumas qualidades interessantes. Para comear, no importa o quanto a vida de alguns personagens possa ser dura, o roteiro John Lee Hancock tem o cuidado de transformar os piores cenrios em realidades para o grande pblico. Do primeiro at o ltimo minuto este filme de assistir. Tuohy, o filho mais novo de Leigh Anne e seu marido, Sean (Tim McGraw).

Acho bacana quando um filme de Hollywood mostra um exemplo como o caso da adoo de Oher pelo casal Tuohy. Ainda que, por mais que o filme suavize o questionamento, impossvel no ficar em dvida se os pais adotivos do garoto, nos primeiros momentos em que olharam para aquele grandalho perto dos filhos deles, no pensaram apenas que ele poderia ser um atleta de primeira grandeza. Claro que Oher, depois do inferno que ele viveu ao lado da me viciada em crack, s podia agradecer a ateno que recebeu dos Tuohy.

(SPOILER no leia se voc no assistiu ao filme). Se ele realmente tinha o senso de proteo dos entes queridos superdesenvolvido, natural que ele quisesse dar orgulho para Leigh Anne e Sean sendo bom em algo e, se possvel, trazendo ttulos para a equipe que eles ajudavam a financiar. No finalzinho do filme, ele afirma que era ir para a escola onde os Tuohy haviam estudado e que eles seguiam apoiando porque toda famlia tinha estudado ali. Mais uma demonstrao que ele queria agradar/retribuir quem lhe havia dado uma nova oportunidade de vida. A questo se os primeiros olhares de Leigh Anne e Sean para o garoto foram de interesse projetando seu sucesso nos esportes ou no, se eles foram totalmente desinteressados. The Blind Side tenta convencer que eles foram bondosos e nada mais s que, francamente, eu teria dvidas sobre isso.

De qualquer forma, vamos falar sobre as qualidades da produo. Ela tem um ritmo bem bacana e se mostra bastante Destes filmes para fazer as pessoas sairem do cinema se melhor sabem? Afinal, elas viram uma histria gratificante, que apresenta um exemplo e que no revela com realismo a dura realidade de seu Conta para o sucesso da produo, como eu disse antes, o bom trabalho de seus atores todos muito simpticos, divertidos e descontrados. Por causa do elenco, essencialmente, que estou dando a nota abaixo para esta produo porque, certamente, no por causa de seu roteiro.

Outra qualidade do filme a direo cuidadosa e inteligente de Hancock. Ele entrega um filme gil e bem editado mrito tambm do editor Mark Livolsi. A direo de fotografia de Alar Kivilo luminosa mesmo nos momentos ou Agora, termina aqui o meu esforo por elogiar este filme. (SPOILER no leia os prximos dois pargrafos se voc ainda no assistiu ao filme). Para mim, ele demais. Vejamos: algum realmente acredita naquela sequencia em que Leigh Anne encontra a me verdadeira de Oher? Viciada em crack, uma mulher que no lembra direito quantos filhos teve e nem quem eram os pais de cada um deles, Denise Oher (Adriane Lenox) aparece em cena de forma muito correta e decente. Sua casa no um lixo deplorvel como provavelmente seria na vida real. Enfim, sempre que pode, The Blind Side embeleza a realidade e transforma tudo em um cenrio de isopor. Mesmo o de Tuohy com os bandidinhos do bairro parece fazer parte de uma pea infantil onde vida como ela no pode se mostrada apenas sugerida.

Fora esta convico constante de que o mundo deve ser cor de rosa vejam bem, no defendo aqui um documentrio e cru mas um pouco de coerncia em uma histria nunca faz mal para ningum , The Blind Side enaltece uma personagem planejada matematicamente para cair no gosto popular. A Leigh Anne desenhada para Sandra Bullock uma figura unidimensional. Ela no tem complexidade como uma pessoa de carne e osso. No. Leigh Anne o prottipo da crist e republicana perfeita dos Estados Unidos Seu marido acha tudo que ela faz perfeito. Seus filhos tambm. No h conflito na casa dos Tuohy. Alm disso, Leigh Anne com todos sem descer do salto juntando com perfeio a de quem bate boca e decide os assuntos de casa com a da mulher linda e desejada por todos.

Tanta para transformar a imagem do em afinal, est uma histria baseada em reais s me fazem achar esta produo engraadinha, mas fraca no contedo e na forma. Sem contar a sensao de ter comido pipoca de isopor.

OBS DE P DE PGINA: The Blind Side foi um dos fenmenos das bilheterias nos Estados Unidos no final de 2009 e incio deste ano. A produo, que teria custado US$ 29 milhes, faturou quase US$ 219 milhes at o dia 10 de janeiro. Apenas nos Estados Unidos! Ou seja, o filme dirigido e escrito por John Lee Hancock, baseado no livro The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, deve faturar, tranquilamente, mais de 10 vezes o que ele custou. Um sucesso estrondoso e, fora o desempenho de Avatar, difcil www.officialbaseballcardinals.com/Authentic-Yadier-Molina-Jersey de se conseguir hoje em dia.

O filme estrelado por Sandra Bullock teve pr estria no dia 17 de novembro de 2009 em Nova York. Trs dias depois ele estreava no circuito comercial dos Estados Unidos e do Canad. E rapidinho ele virou um fenmeno nas bilheterias.

The Blind Side inspirado no livro homnimo do escritor e jornalista Michael Lewis. Alm deste livro, Lewis mais conhecido pela obra A Nova Novidade, que se debrua sobre o fenmeno econmico do Vale do Silcio. The Blind Side, por sua vez, conta a histria da revelao do futebol americano Michael Oher. Oher atualmente joga na equipe do Baltimore, depois de ter sido escolhido como um dos melhores jogadores de linha ofensiva da liga profissional. E o prprio jogador, que no gosta muito de comentar o filme de Hancock, comenta que a produo boa, mas no retrata o que aconteceu com fidelidade. Hollywood ele resume. Pois sim, s que h filmes da mesma Hollywood que se preocupam muito mais com a realidade do que este.

Os usurios do site IMDb deram a nota 7,9 para The Blind Side. Uma nota muito boa, http://www.officialbaseballcardinals.com/Authentic-Yadier-Molina-Jersey para a mdia do IMDb. Os crticos que tem seus textos linkados pelo Rotten Tomatoes foram um pouco menos generosos: eles dedicaram 92 textos positivos e 39 negativos para a produo o que lhe garante uma aprovao de 70%.

O elenco de apoio deste filme trabalha muito bem. Francamente, as estrelas de The Blind Side, para mim, so o j citado Jae Head e a atriz Kathy Bates. Ela interpreta Miss Sue, professora particular contratada para ajudar Oher a conseguir a nota mnima para ganhar uma bolsa de estudos. Os dois, sempre que aparecem no filme, roubam a cena. Quinton Aaron comea o filme exageradamente anulado mas, pouco a pouco, ele vai soltando o belo sorriso e ganha a empatia do pblico. Vale citar ainda o trabalho de Kim Dickens como a boa Mrs. Boswell e Tom Nowicki como o professor de literatura que no alivia nos julgamentos do protagonista.

At o momento, The Blind Side recebeu trs prmios e foi indicado a mais oito. Alm do badalado Globo de Ouro para Sandra Bullock, a atriz recebeu ainda o prmio dado pela Broadcast Film Critics Association; e o ator Jae Head recebeu o prmio de Melhor Performance de um Jovem Ator da Sociedade de Crticos de Cinema de Phoenix.

O crtico Wesley Morris, do The Boston Globe, comenta neste texto que a personagem de Leigh Anne fora imparvel e que Michael parece um imvel Em outras palavras, Morris comenta que o filme faz o espectador acreditar que Leigh Anne a nica responsvel pelo crescimento do rapaz anteriormente rejeitado. que parece ser certo para um filme que circula em torno de Bullock. Ela to divertida (na vida real) quanto ela aparece no filme comenta o crtico. Gostei quando ele afirma que a personagem de Leigh Anne Erin Brockovich, parte Julia Sugarbaker (da minissrie Designing Women) Como designer, Leigh Anne v em Michael uma de seu trabalho segundo Morris. Ele pega pesado mas, francamente, est certo.

Em seu texto, Morris ainda comenta que John Lee Hancock escolheu apenas as partes mais afetivas do livro de Michael Lewis que escreveu metade da obra sobre Oher e metade sobre Lawrence Taylor. Mesmo sendo um roteirista de leve o crtico ressalta que Hancock teve o cuidado de levantar questes como o cinismo, o ufanismo, a culpa liberal e o medo de certos esteretipos de homens negros. Ainda assim, Morris critica o fato do filme retratar Oher como um agente passivo de seu prprio sucesso. Comerciais Americanos esto interessados em histrias sobre jovens negros salvos Deus sabe de onde por brancos legais ou pelos esportes. Aqui por ambos. Essa dupla sorte acontece ocasionalmente na vida. Mas um grampo em Hollywood, onde grandes homens negros so algumas vezes, e ao mesmo tempo, uma beno e uma ameaa. A vida de Oher tem a inteno de nos fazer bem, e consegue fazer isso. Mas o quanto nos sentimos bem sobre a histria dele proporcional ao quanto ns estamos dispostos a ser cegos sobre como ela contada escreve Morris. Perfeito!

Neste outro texto, Elizabeth Weitzman, do New York Daily News, comenta que o roteirista e diretor John Lee Hancock transformou a vida notvel de Oher em uma fbula de Hollywood que troca realidades difceis por clichs fceis Eu diria que este um bom resumo do filme. O que o transforma no oposto do timo Precious, por exemplo. Weitzman classifica o roteiro de Hancock de e afirma que Sandra Bullock e Tim McGraw fazem um trabalho excelente com o texto que eles tm em mos tanto que ela afirma que este talvez seja um dos melhores trabalhos da carreira de Bullock. A crtica comenta ainda que a biografia e as entrevistas televisivas do Oher verdadeiro indicam que ele um inteligente com um filo de sobrevivncia impossvel de quebrar mas que, na viso de Hancock, ele se tornou um dos esteretipos favoritos de Hollywood: o gentil em dvida com a bondade de seus Um filme cuidadosamente planejado para agradar ao seu pblico mas que falha na maquiagem que aplica para embelezar a realidade. Com um elenco de apoio to bom (e em alguns momentos, um pouco melhor) quanto seus protagonista, The Blind Side procura na histria real do jogador Michael Oher um exemplo de generosidade e redeno. Leve do incio ao fim, destes filmes para divertir. Se forem ignoradas todas as suas falhas como a obviedade e linearidade da histria, alm da construo unidimensional de boa parte de seus personagens , no ser difcil terminar de assist lo com um sorriso no rosto. Alm da maquiada na realidade um tanto exagerada, me incomodou um pouco a mensagem de famlia crist dos Estados Unidos que, alm de tudo, republicana Mas ignorada a lgica, o bom senso e o apreo pela realidade, um filme divertido. Tem bons atores e uma Sandra Bullock confortvel e firme em seu papel. Para o cenrio dos Estados Unidos, perfeitamente justificado o seu carter de fenmeno nas bilheterias. Mas (me desculpem os fs do filme) ele muito, muito fraquinho.

PALPITE PARA O OSCAR 2010: Infelizmente Sandra Bullock tem grandes chances de chegar entre as finalistas do Oscar deste ano. Afinal, ela acaba de ganhar a cobiada estatueta de melhor atriz dramtica do Golden Globes. Agora, francamente, ser uma ofensa para a inteligncia dos amantes do cinema e das grandes atuaes de atrizes em sua histria se ela ganhar a estatueta. Falei antes e repito: Carey Mulligan e Gabourey Sidibe esto muito, mas muito melhores que Bullock em seus filmes. Pelo menos as duas atrizes trabalham com personagens complexas, cheias de nuances e roubam a cena cada vez que aparecem. Mesmo no tendo gostado tanto de Meryl Streep em Julie Julia, ela sempre em qualquer ocasio ser melhor atriz que Sandra Bullock. Ento a protagonista de The Blind Side pode at chegar entre as cinco indicadas, mas no deve(ria) ganhar o prmio. Fora sua indicao, acho difcil The Blind Side ser indicado em mais alguma categoria.

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